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Technologies and Solutions have been supporting The Towers since 2016 and I have been extremely impressed with the service provided. After unpicking the mess a previous support company left our servers in, Daryl, Steve and his team have continued to support us in a quick and efficient manner whenever a problem arises. The company offered advice and recommended changes which have not only saved the school money, but improved the performance of the school system as a whole. They have experience and expertise in all the key areas of current computer technology and trends, but with the added value of village shop style friendliness and accessibility – J Relf, Network Manager

Jason Relf Feb 16, 2018

As the Director of Digital Services, I was tasked with upgrading our existing network due to the company outgrowing it. I had been told some good things about T7S so decided to give them a chance to pitch. Daryl Baker, came into our Head Office and did a no obligation assessment of our network and talked through what our future requirements would be. During the assessment, he offered me his professional advice. I found him very approachable and friendly and did not feel pressured. Once the assessment was over, he sent across a report summarizing everything which we had discussed. Needless to say, we offered T7S the contract to upgrade our network, and haven't looked back since. They are always at hand when you need them and was guided through each stage during the network installation. Their professionalism is second to none, and as of yet cannot find a negative to say. I would highly recommend contacting T7S for your IT needs, even if it is just for some advice and guidance.

Brett Preston Jun 29, 2016

Dear Daryl & Steve I have now been at Classic Collection Holidays for just over 2 years and I would like to thank you both and your company T&S for all the help you have given me personally and Classic Collection over that time. I think the things we have achieved together over the last 2 years have been a testament to how 2 companies can work constructively together under, what at times have been difficult conditions and challenging timescales, to implement completely new IT solutions and strategies here at Classic Collection. When you consider some of the things that have been achieved, firstly rolling out a completely new IT roaming profile solution to all members of staff at Classic, a homeworker solution that is robust and allows extended hours of opening at Classic, a completely new wireless solution which is secure and responsive, upgrading all the Microsoft applications to the latest level, writing and implementing a new SharePoint solution for the whole of Classic’s operation, new backup and DR solution providing Classic with a level of business continuity that is as robust as it can be within a sensible annual budget. Completely re designing the computer room and putting server solutions in place that allow Classic to run the applications necessary to run the Classic business. It should also be noted you have provided on-going help and support for our telecoms solutions liaising with our main suppliers and making sure we have as integrated and workable systems as needed to give Classic the information it requires to run its business. Classic Collection also agreed a full maintenance and service contract with T&S, which is providing Classic Collection with the technical backup and support required to run Classic Collection’s business. T&S under the agreed contract provide support covering Classic’s business which is a 7 day a week 365 days of the year operation. T&S have of course carried out many other items of work along the way to provide Classic with the best IT infrastructure and network solutions necessary to carry out its day to day business with the very minimum of down time. I would have no hesitation in recommending T&S to any company or individual who needs IT infrastructure and network solutions implementing whether revamping their existing solutions or starting from scratch. Regards Head of IT & Premises

David Hayes Apr 11, 2015

At Swift the IT infrastructure was a disparate mix of both hardware and software and there had been a lack of investment in recent years. The main business system was locking up and customer service was at an all time low. Five suppliers were selected to quote for the business wide upgrade , two considered the task beyond them and the T7S (Technologies and Solutions) quote fell in between the highest and lowest quotes. From the outset T7S provided Swift’s management team with confidence that the upgrade would be a smooth transition. In the event T7S shielded the Swift team from most of the stress and strain involved in the process. At the outset when incorrect kit had been ordered by Swift, T7S agreed to take this back and find another home for it. Also on reflection the preparatory work carried out at T7S’s premises was to prove invaluable. The project , from Swift’s . prospective sprung into life one Wednesday at 4 pm when the T7S team came to site and speedily got to work dismantling the server room and replacing kit as necessary. The team worked straight through till 5pm on the Thursday. This truly showed the commitment from T7S and because of this all 55 users and the key business processes were up and running by 10 am on the Thursday. One or two inevitable problems were then dealt with throughout the remainder of Thursday. During the process the T7S team remained calm when presented with problems and developed excellent rapport with our staff. The following week one major rebuild was required and this was speedily dealt without the slightest hesitation , the no blame culture at T7S really shone through. Swift is now able to offer better customer service , staff are less fraught and operating efficiencies are being capitalised upon. The Swift management team consider T7S one of the most professional providers of IT infrastructure solutions in the South East and we thoroughly recommend that you discuss your business requirements with them.

Swift Mar 25, 2015

Old Court House IT has worked with T&S on a number of different projects, from the initial setting up of our new office to the ongoing maintenance required to keep a stable platform running. We have had nothing but great service and simple effective solutions that have helped to clear away the hassle of day to day issues. The model we agreed upon is both scalable and future proofed for any required growth as we move forwards. This has certainly taken the worry out of it.

Russell Feb 22, 2015

Proto Restaurant Group recommends Technologies & Solutions... At Proto Restaurant Group we work really hard to guarantee our customers the best service and the best cuisine. To be able to achieve this anybody we supply or work with our multi-award winning restaurants must have the same ethos. Working with Technologies and Solutions we found their can do and will do attitudes refreshing. We gave a complex brief for a staff logistic system to Technologies & Solutions where other companies struggled to come back with a comprehensive solution. Daryl and his team were able to come back with complete simple options and were able to deliver the solution, install equipment and train staff without any further communication after we had agreed the work. To be able to keep improving our company, it is extremely important to work with companies that are able to understand our business and assist us without disturbing the day to day running of our business. Technologies & Solutions have an excellent understanding of what makes companies successful and an excellent problem solving partner when you need them.

Louise Feb 17, 2015

It became increasingly apparent in 2014 that our hardware and associated software were starting to ‘creak’ and, with an office move planned in the latter half of the year, it seemed an opportune time to assess needs and implement an update. Having always retained an in-house IT team, our Network Administrator was tasked with providing quotes for a wholesale update of servers, telephone system and operating systems. The original quote was so high that the Board were encouraged to seek alternative ideas and solutions. Thankfully, we were introduced to T&S, we found through T&S, clarity and confidence. To every request their ‘can do’ attitude was not founded in sales bluff but through experience of having completed countless similar projects elsewhere. Roughly 12 months in, the overall experience has been an unparalleled joy. We have robust systems, that work, with support, that works. Through ongoing consultancy, I am happy that we remain up to date with IT developments relevant to our industry and all at a price roughly half of the original in house quote.

Aidan Feb 17, 2015

At Steyning Primary School we have been working with Technologies and Solutions for the past year. They have been contracted by the school to completely reconstruct our internal IT network (LAN) and provide ongoing maintenance and support for implementation and further development for both Curriculum and Administration networks. They have installed new hardware and software which is critical to the school's operation such as servers, PCs and switch technology. They are also engineering a change of the school's Interent connection and associated services such as email. Currently this project is in progress. Technolgies and Solutions staff and working methods are examplary. They are highly knowledgeable about network technology and provide a helpul, responsive, fast and efficient service and first class results. Technologies and Solutions have become a key business partner to our school and are highly recommended.

Steve Feb 12, 2015

We have been dealing with Daryl, Steve and the team at T & S for a number of years now. It is imperative that my team can rely and work with partners that take the stress, hassle and time out of our multi-site IT systems whilst ensuring that we continue to have an up to date system that deals with issues swiftly when they arise. Over the last few years, our business has evolved and I have to say that the team at T&S have been very supportive and reactive to our needs whilst also helping us streamline our systems. After working with companies previously who do not have the same attention to detail, knowledge and sense of urgency, I know first-hand how important it is to choose a good IT partner. With T&S, we have that partnership.

Matthew Feb 11, 2015

Inspire Leisure have retained the support services of T&S, since our split from Arun District Councils provided service in 2010, when we made the decision to fully outsource IT and related services at all of our sites, three large facilities and ten satellite facilities. Since the change in support, we have found a huge improvement in service, responses to support requests no matter how simple or complex are dealt with quickly and effectively. We have also be indebted to the support provided in many technical aspects of our service, which have included the transition from one management booking system to an upgraded version in July 2013, without any issues. The development of an internet booking option which progressed to completion without the technical support provided would not have been possible. The barriers and bureaucracy often associated with IT access to make work easier have been removed in addition, but we still retain a safe and effective system. Our Business Continuity and Recovery Plans and systems have been informed and developed with T&S, and whilst we have not had a major incident, we have had smaller scale issues which have meant partial implementation, which have always been effective.

Tom Jan 1, 2015

Technologies and Solutions have been a tremendous support to our new business and enabled us to meet our launch date due to their expertise and dedication. They have provided us with; PC’s / servers and network switches, Avaya Telephony systems including call recording, statistics and ISDN lines, Avaya CCE and desktop integration, Hosted Exchange 2013 and web sites, A full insurance administration system We have received training on all of the above and the team are always available to assist with any issues we encounter. We have received out of hours support when needed and if the problem could not be fixed remotely they have provided onsite support well within the SLA’s set. A super service - thank you.

Jane Feb 1, 2014

Inspire Leisure are a SME providing Sport, Art and Cultural services on the south coast. The core business consists of two leisure centres and a cinema/theatre; we also have a number of other remote locations offering a range of additional services. Inspire have 65 network stations and over the course of a year we receive over 1.3 million customer visits. Inspire Leisure started working with T&S in 2010. Initially, T&S were engaged to assist with the installation of a companywide VOIP telephone system, this included establishing a central server room and wide area network comprised of leased lines and a microwave link. T&S were then engaged to manage the migration of hardware, software and data from a third party, the ease with which T&S managed this process was very impressive. Having started the migration at 2pm the core business was operational when the sites opened the following morning at 7am, as a company we had contingency plans for a week of disruption! We now operate a highly available network with 99.9999% uptime, since March 2011 T&S have provided excellent support for our business and assisted with everything ICT from improving resilience to licensing. Based on our experience, Inspire Leisure would have no hesitation recommending the services of T&S.

Robin Jan 1, 2011

In my role as IT Manager we have an extensive array of equipment. 50+ Servers, 120 PC's, Hosted Web Servers, Twin/Mirrored Server rooms, Full business off site continuity. We were using a large number of different enterprise configurations, including off site business continuity via a private fibre circuit that meant we could commit to ZERO percent data loss. These are just a small part of the technologies implemented (and initially built by the founding member of Technologies and Solutions). Using these technologies meant that that we needed a diverse array of skills which were hard to find. Therefore with the help of Technologies and Solutions we managed to make sure the whole site was up and running and the business had the security it needed to continue trading efficiently.

Russell Jan 5, 2009